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12 Week Family Program

Our 12 week program for families captures all of the essential elements of the Is There Better Way approach. Together we will explore why people may behave in challenging ways and how we can develop supports to meet the needs of those we care for as well as ourselves. The 12 week program  includes 6 chapters of learning, 4 coaching sessions, an online discussion forum and access to resources and planning tools.

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Our team of families and professionals are available for coaching via Skype, zoom or other methods that might suit you.

These sessions are about collaborative thinking and developing awareness of needs. We work with the understanding that families and supporters are the experts in their loved one's lives, and we can help support and guide the developing knowledge of your expertise and wisdom.


Webinars - coming soon

We have a range of webinars available free or for purchase.

You can also access the modules in the 12 week program here as separate modules if you wish to access them this way.

Look our for more modules being added over time.

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Card Set

The ITABW card set is a uniquely designed resource to assist with exploring a person's needs and the identification of possible Restricted Practices.

Many families have been using this card set with great success in their planning with teams supporting people with a disability.